Gold Trail

Shantytown to Moana



School Boy (13 - 17 years)

Open Men (18 - 39 years)

Veteran Men (40 - 49 years)

Classic Men (50 - 59 years)

Vintage Men (60 - 69 years)

Seasoned Men (70 + years)


School Girl (13 - 17 years)

Open Women (18 - 39 years)

Veteran Women (40 - 49 years)

Classic Women (50 - 59 years)

Vintage Women (60 - 69 years)

Seasoned Women (70 + years)

E-Bike - Non-Competitive

Minimum age is 13 years of age on race day. No exceptions.

Special Categories

Clydesdale and Clydesdalesses:

Male or Female

One for the big guys and girls.  Males over 100kg and females over 75kg (without the bike.) You will be weighed after the race if required.  You have to be a solid 100kg or 75kgs. If we need to weigh you, we will. 

When entering, select the Clydesdale section.
(No age group sections)

Cancer Survivors:

Male or Female

When entering, select the Cancer Survivor section.
(No age group sections) 


E-Bikes pedal assist can be ridden in the event. This will be a non competitive category and have to be pedal assisted only. This is a rule that has to be respected, no E-Bikes with throttle assistance will be allowed to be ridden and all E-Bikes to be under 300 watts.  

When entering, enter the E-Bike section. (Non competitive)